The Buzz…

I truly appreciate hearing from all of my readers! Your feedback is very important to me and it’s what keeps me going! Please keep the feedback coming.

Here are a few highlights of what people are saying:

  • Engaging and Fresh! With a nice command of grammar!
  • Your post made me cry…in a good way.
  • Really enjoyed the latest read. So many life lessons. 
  • I should be studying but instead I am reading your blog about to pee in my pajamas!
  • Hysterical.
  • OMG, I am going through this now—I feel alot better after reading the story (and laughing)—THANKS. It’s good to know I am not the only one.
  • I loved your write up. Everything you said I believe as parents we go through…
  • Fabulous my friend…as always!
  • OK Melanie—this is so hilarious!!!!! I feel like this is Sex in the City meets being a mom!!!
  • Thanks for the laugh…I REALLY needed it. -Happy mothering to you too.

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