I Finally Screamed! (And Yelled, and Threatened…)

My daughter is two. She’s been two since February and I honestly have not had a reason to ever raise my voice. Of course she has kicked the cat, which required a stern talking to and an explanation that we do not hit people or animals. Well, this Sunday proved to be a new day. After a long weekend away we were all tired. Especially me who had the honor of sleeping with a toddler in a hot bedroom with an extraordinarily noisy fan. I chased after my daughter in the sun, in the house, and all around. By the time we got home for dinner, bath, and bed it was clear she was exhausted. I’m educated. I should know better. But sometimes you just can’t help yourself! It was time to brush teeth and she wanted nothing to do with that but I was determined to ensure my daughter’s good oral health! I’m not sure if it was the tears of her screaming for her Daddy or if it was when I realized that I was squeezing her little cheeks to get her mouth open so I could shove the tiny toothbrush all while yelling back at her that she couldn’t watch her TV show if she didn’t cooperate. Is it just me or is it impossible to reason with a tired toddler? What the hell was I thinking? Sure, Melanie, go ahead and make her even more upset by taking away her evening programs! That will do it. Right. I was screaming and she was crying. The louder she got, you get it. Anyway, she cried through her bath and I sulked. When it was all over, I handed her to my husband and left the scene. Lasting scars? For her, no, for me? Maybe…

Happy Mothering!


4 thoughts on “I Finally Screamed! (And Yelled, and Threatened…)”

  1. Oh what parent hasn’t been there at one time or another? Just last night, I was stomping my feet like an exhausted two year old after spending no fewer than 30 minutes trying get the four year old to GO TO BED ALREADY! (In my own defense, this child has not slept through the night since birth, but only become more adept at delaying her departure on the night train to sandland.)

    Don’t be too hard on yourself, Melanie. And for what it’s worth, whoever came up with the term “terrible twos” had yet to live through ages three and four, lol.

  2. You must have a really quiet house? We are always correcting someone and when they have pushed all the freakin buttons you can believe there is screaming. I can’t tell you how many times I call my mom crying telling her I hate discipline!!! She tells me to keep it up b/c everyone loves being around my children b/c they are not crazy out of control. I still hate it!!!! Again 3 toddlers can make you think you are a nut job!!!LOL

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