Potty Training, Potty Trying!

No one ever told me that potty training your first child is not fun. No one told me that it was hard, stressful, and that you can potentially scar your child for life if you’re not careful.

My daughter is well aware enough about her bodily functions that it is time to start training. For her to tell me, “Mommy, pee pee, change my diapy?” I know it is time. I did what I thought was the right thing and spent 26 bucks at the dollar store to make a “goodie basket” that I would use for bribery. I figured she would certainly pee pee for a sucker. Within 48 hours she had only 3 accidents. Pretty decent stats if you ask me. She even went so far as to ask me to take her to the potty – twice. I thought that was pretty impressive. “We’ve got this!” I insanely though.

Monday morning proved to be another story. This morning she happily carried her ziplock bag of panties into school. (The last time I carried my panties anywhere I was not quite so happy about it). Nonetheless, she was eager to show her bag of panties to her teacher. I knew it was about time to sit and try again but no dice. She wouldn’t so much as let me pull down her shorts! One of her teachers was out so there was a sub and one boy in her class began screaming at the top of his lungs in his own coo-coo way which added to the stress. I sat with her through breakfast and then tried again. No luck. More screaming from crybaby, and I still couldn’t get her pants down! “Sit on the potty!” I could feel myself begin to almost yell. I was welling up with stress. “Someone please shut that kid up already!” I wanted desperately to yell. This is messing with my child’s potty rhythm! I could feel myself needing to leave the situation before I impose unnecessary stress on my innocent little girl. “Step away from the potty, Melanie.”

I called to check and by 10:30am the towel was not only wet with pee pee but it was thrown in. Way in. Two accidents, a pair of pull-ups, and now a diaper. Not only was she having accidents but she was also holding out on the potty. All that hard work and our efforts were in the crapper by mid morning. Not at all as I planned. But what is, right?

Happy Mothering!


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