Everyone Is Peeing in the Right Place….Finally

It’s been a while….where has the time gone? Anyway, I truly thought I would never be on this side of the situation….the potty situation. If you read my last post you can clearly see how frustrating it can be to potty train a toddler! Especially if that toddler happens to have a mind of her own…well, within about 2 weeks we were potty trained at home. Very few accidents, if any, and for the most part she would tell me when she had to go. “We’ve got this!” I would think to myself. Well, we sort of had it, at home anyway. School was a different story. Not only would she not go at school, she would also hold it and if she knew she had on training pants, she would go right in them. This lasted for about a week when my pediatrician advised me to put her back in a diaper at school. “It will eventually get old.” She told me. “One day she will make the decision to use the potty.” Now I have to wait for my two-year old to decide to use the potty? You have got to be kidding me! Just use the potty at school! I wanted to scream. On the outside we tried to be supportive and encouraging but boy that was hard.

Then of course there was the game. This little girl of mine is quite smart. I’m not trying to brag, but she knows how to get her parent’s puppet strings all tied up. She would say, “Pee pee, Mommy!” knowing it would get us to our feet only to get to the potty and say, “I don’t want to go.” What a little manipulator….

While this was going on, my crazy cat, Felix, decided to start peeing right outside of his litter box. Realize that this is a cat with issues. I have 2 boxes for him that I clean every day, otherwise he won’t use them. He is on special diet food to help him with his urinary tract because he is prone to infections. I had to move a beautiful bird feeder from my breakfast room window because all of the bird and squirrel activity was causing him “stress.”

Well wouldn’t you know it. Just as my pediatrician predicted, she made the decision to use the potty at school. One day turned into two, turned into three….before you knew it we were a full week of happy potty reports! It was a miracle! Each day she came home with a row of bright yellow smiley faces indicating pee pee on the potty! She was so proud of herself as we were of her.

I had a moments worth of guilt when I thought about how frustrated I was a month ago with her lack of potty indiscretion. But it was fleeting….is it just me or is there too much mother guilt to go around? Why feel guilty? I’m only human! Besides, it will be with great joy that I explain to my daughter her journey to potty training when she calls me frustrated about her own child who also has a mind of their own…

As for Felix, well, he’s doing much better now. He’s taking an antidepressant each day to help him with his “stress.” I hope he can understand the concept of using the little box or else he will have to understand the concept of going to the pound.

We are a happy household now that everyone is peeing in the right place. Oh the joys of motherhood!!

Happy Mothering,


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