25 Random Things…

This is taken from my Facebook page where I was asked (as thousands of others have, too) to come up with 25 random things about yourself that others may not know. I wrote this over a year ago and looking back I find some of it funny….and interesting…hope you do too.

1. I want to have another baby…
2. I want to have another baby and then have my boobs done.
3. I love it when my daughter’s toes smell stinky. It is an afternoon ritual…we get home and I take her socks and shoes off and check for “stinky baby toes!” Love it…
4. It’s not practical, and God help us if it were a reality, but even as a 34 year old woman, I sometimes wish my parents had never gotten divorced.
5. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to participate in the holidays for this very reason.
6. I love the show “Real Housewives of Orange County” Shameful, I know…
7. I never realized how hearing “mama” over a baby monitor at 3am could be the most wonderful sound in the world.
8. I squeeze my toothpaste from any which way…top, middle, whatever it takes to get it out. Brian is very particular and his tube is neatly squeezed from the bottom up. I make him crazy when I mess with his system. It’s funny.
9. I love light rock – air supply, olivia newton john, carly simon…all of it. Love it.
10. I wrote a novel and had several agents interested in it…ultimately no one made an offer but at least I had the experience. The completed book and the other one I started are always on my mind – those characters are always playing out in my mind. I think, “I wonder what she would be up to now…” I made a commitment to myself to continue to pursue it…One day, one day…
11. I am trying to be a better listener. People don’t listen! When someone tells me something, I am working to ask good questions and listen. No one wants to hear YOUR story about what they are going through. Enough!
12. I have the same fantasy as my sister-in-law about winning the lottery. We’d have a compound and we’d all live together. Hadn’t thought as far as the hot chef, though…Funny,
we’ve never talked about that before…
13. I have made a conscience commitment to my daughter (and all future children) to end guilt. It does no one any good and just makes me feel bad. I AM NO LONGER FEELING GUILTY! As a wise woman once told me, “Melanie, put down the stick.”
14. E.T. was the scariest movie I saw as a child…I couldn’t sleep for days after. It was horrible. I still don’t really like the little thing…
15. I stole a peppermint candy from a store when I was in 5th grade or so. I did it to look cool in front of a friend. Looking back – how stupid.
16. I talk through situations out loud in my car. I keep my phone ear piece in so people will think I’m on the phone.
17. We need to get back to church. We say it every week. I’m still conflicted about religion, though.
18. I believe in fate. Before Brian and I ever met, he was a guest at my brother’s wedding and I used to work with a girl that was friends with his sisters. I do believe people are destined to be together.
19. Everyone says it. I realize how drastically my perspective has changed since having my daughter. Nothing else really matters except love, being loved, and family.
20. I want my daughter’s world to be bigger than mine. At the same time, that scares the life out of me.
21. My epidural stopped working an hour before my daughter was born.
22. I have seen “Better Off Dead” over 100 times.
23. I have a crush on Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
24. I’m a Democrat. Brian is not!
25. After my daughter was born, I ate a hot dog for lunch every single day for about 2 weeks.

Happy Mothering!


3 thoughts on “25 Random Things…”

  1. i don’t tell many people this. but i’ve had the second child, breastfed for a combined two years (+), and i want my boobs done. i can’t reconcile that desire with all my beliefs about humanity, goodness, and the objectification of women. but i want them done.

  2. It is amazing how you realize that although people are different, really they are the same. These random things are totally me as well. You must do another random things some day.

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