The Bandage Has Been Ripped Off…

So, for the past few days Brian and I have been talking about how we should go about ending our daughter’s love affair with her nunu. We’ve already been told by the dentist that it must go. She’s also two and a half and only takes it at night. It’s time! But how to go about it is a totally different story. I’ve asked other moms, gotten loads of advice from Face Book but we still hadn’t really settled on what would work for us.

The advice ranged from just taking it away with no warning all the way to having the child throw it away on her own. There was lots of advice on “mailing” it away. Some sent theirs to Santa, others to a princess. For us, the question was to who? Where would we send it? For kicks we asked her last week if she wanted to send it someone and she mentioned “Goofy Baby.” Anyone familiar with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse series (a little cartoon series that you may happen to find on the Disney Channel) then you probably remember the episode where the professor sends Goofy back in time to become a knight, but instead sends him back in time to when he was a baby. Hilarity ensues…Pickle (our daughter’s nickname) loves it. Anyway, on her own she said that she’d like to send the nunu to Goofy Baby.

Great. We’ll do that this Wednesday. Why this Wednesday? I have no idea. Just sounded like a plan. I mean, we had to have a plan! So there you have it. Our plan. Mail the nunu to Goofy Baby on Wednesday. Way to go.

After the “decision” to go with our “plan,” both of us did start to talk it up. We’d remind her here and there that we’d be sending it to Goofy Baby soon. We tried to pump it up by saying how great it’s gonna be, and how much Goofy Baby is going to appreciate her nunu! We sounded like jackasses because the kid wasn’t buying it. We just had to go with it….Wednesday would be here soon.

So, today we packed ourselves up after a great weekend at the in-laws to hear our child say from the back of the truck, “Uh-oh, Mommy, I left my nunu at Maw Maw’s!” Instantly Brian and I looked at each other…with great hesitation we went with it. “Oh well! No more nunu! We left it at Maw Maw’s. I guess she will send it to Goofy Baby for us!” Okay, whatever. We just knew we had the glimpse of an opening that she actually initiated so we just had to go with it. We glanced at each other with a we-can’t-turn-back-now look. This was it. But it was Sunday. Oh the hell with plans…

We made it through dinner, and bath, and wow, even bedtime storytime without asking for the nunu. We’ve got this! I shamelessly thought. This is so done. After about a dozen books (we were BOTH stalling!) and two trips to the potty it was time for bed. Okay….here goes.

All I can say is horray for strong arms and legs. I guess my trip to the dentist office beefed me up. For what felt like an hour she squirmed and cried repeating “Nudder one! Nudder one!” (That’s toddler for, “Another one! Another one!”) She wanted another nunu in a huge way. I just kept telling myself that it would end. Eventually. She would, at some point stop and she would fall asleep. In a lame attempt to help her through what was obviosuly a trying situation I would occasionally tell her that I was so proud of her and that she was doing great. What? I sounded like my husband did when he was helping me get through childbirth without an epidural! I think I may have even told her to breathe….whatever.

My shift ended and Brian took over. By this time we’d had another trip to the bathroom for tissue, she wanted to dry her tears, and she wanted another sip of water. It was Daddy’s turn and for a long while all was quiet on the nunu-less bedtime front. No noise from the room, no noise from the monitor. I think we may just have this!

Well there you have it! I’m happy to say that just about two hours from reading our first book, we have a toddler happily slumbering without her nunu! Now that wasn’t so bad, was it!

I’m wishing us luck for tomorrow and the days to come…now I just have to make sure that I take the nunu that we “left at Maw Maw’s” out of my purse and pitch it…

Happy Mothering!


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