How’d She Know That?!?

So, the nunu is officially gone! After the one Sunday night of (waht seemed like forever) tears that was it. She slept soundly and woke up without asking for her nunu. We were all home on Monday for the holiday so we had to face naptime. I wasn’t sure how things would go but I was overall positive. We’ve got this, right? She did mention it after we read a few books but no one acknowledged her request. As though it was never uttered…I didn’t hear anything, did you? Again, she slept fine…nice long, nunu-free nap. We’ve totally got this! First successful potty training and now this. I cannot express how proud we were of our little girl.

I took off work the next day to tackle what has turned into a huge painting project and I had several errands to run. While I was out I decided to pick up something for Pickle; nothing major just a little something to tell her again how proud we are of her.

I’m browsing in the fine retail establishment of Wal Mart looking for something with Minnie Mouse on it. While she loves the whole gang, Minnie is her favorite. If I could just find something cute with Minnie on it…Now I’m not above the three piece outfit with Minnie and her huge pink bow or the T-shirt dress with Minnie in a bathing suit and sunglasses; either would be fine if I could find them. There was nothing in the store with Minnie on it! How can this possibly be…well, there was one thing. I saw it when I first got into the toddler girl section but I passed it right by. There is one thing I’m pretty sure about – childrent’s pajamas should be made of cotton – not plastic, I mean polyester. I don’t sleep in polyester, do you? Neither should children. So, I’m looking, I’m looking, and nothing. This can’t be. That plastic two piece florscent pajama set can’t be the only thing in this store with Minnie Mouse on it! After I stalked the racks several times over, I realized that it was. And it was her size.

Imagine, lime green, hot pink and purple silky shorts with a huge ruffle on the hem. A screen printed shirt with a gigantic Minnie Mouse holding a puppy so bright that it will certainly keep you awake at night. It’s silky, slinky, and plastic, er, polyester. Okay, fine. My biases should be left in the parking lot and I should focus on the fact that our daughter will love this. In the basket it goes.

So after dinner (and I’m sure the dryer is finished) I tell Pickle that her Daddy and I have something for her. I don’t dare say why, just that we love her and are super proud of her. The plastic pajamas are displayed…

She jumped up from her seat, hands to her mouth and squealed, “Ninnie!” Multiple times she rejoiced saying, “New Ninnie jammies! New Ninnie Jammies!” I was happy that she was happy.

After her bath the moment is finally here to put on the new Ninnie Jammies….she streaks into her room yelling, “New Ninnie Jammies because I gave up my nunu!” Wha huh?!? What did she just say? How could she possibly know that? Well, apparently she does because she just told us so. And all this time we’ve thought we’ve been so covert, so under cover when in reality the likliehood is that she’s been playing along just to make us feel good. Thanks, Pickle!

Happy Mothering,


1 thought on “How’d She Know That?!?”

  1. I’ve always thought your beautiful daughter “knows stuff”. It’s in her “all knowing” eyes and was obvious to me even when she was a baby before she could tell you all what she knows. Now she can tell you. You and Brian probaby should be ready for more surprises and amazing things from Pickles. She is an amazing girl!!

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