Sit or Stand?

So, we recently had a great weekend at my in-laws across the lake. We spent time with my sister-in-law and her (almost) 4 year old son. He and Pickle had a great time running through the house, playing cars, splashing in the pool, and watching each other use the potty. Well, Pickle was certainly more interested in seeing him go then he was watching her. Whatever. They have to figure out differences at some point, right?

My sister-in-law and I decided to make a quick outing to Target. I went there to purchase a DVD, just one DVD, however I walked out of there having spent $90…how does that happen? Nonetheless, it was a fun shopping trip. When we got back Pickle had to potty and she wanted me to take her. Great. I’m trying to teach her how to dress and undress herself so I let her pull everything off and down while I waited to lift her onto the seat….yeah, well, that’s where it got interesting.

I look down to find my naked two year old arching her back, straining on her tip toes trying with all her might to pee in the toilet STANDING UP! She pulled, she grunted, she even jumped a little. “What are you trying to do?” I foolishly asked. “I pee pee standing up!” So, now, do you go into the conversation or leave it alone? I just told her that she’s a girl and girls sit down to potty. Boys can stand up to potty because they have different parts than we do. Good enough reason, don’t you think? I thought so. I also though this conversation and topic was over.

These days we talk a lot about who sits and who stands. Here is a small glimpse at one of conversations while on the potty:

Pickle: “Mom, you sit to make pee pee?”

Me: “Yes, I’m a girl. Girls sit and boys stand.”

Pickle: “What about daddy?”

Me: “He stands.”

Pickle: “Maw Maw?”

Me: “Sits.”

Pickle: “Paw Paw?”

Me: “Stands.”

Pickle: “Sugar?”

Me: “Sits.”

Pickle: “Opa?”

Me: “Stands.”

Pickle: “Pere?”

Me: “Stands.”

Pickle: “Parrain?”

Me: “It depends.”

Well, someone has got to break the monotony!

Happy Mothering!


4 thoughts on “Sit or Stand?”

  1. Funny, funny, funny…this age. My Noah (2 1/2) recently decided to try the standing. Proud? Sure but he did over the toddler potty. Squating to make it in and inevitably all over the floor. Another funny aside..he recently told me that I should buy a penis at the store so I could be a boy!!!! Kids say the darndest things!!!! Thanks for the laugh…I REALLY needed it. -Happy mothering to you too.

  2. i know that conversation very well. lennon has the ‘cute’ habit of taking off all her clothes, walking up to your leg, grabbing her crotch, thrusting her tummy forward, and making this sound, “psssssssssssssss.” delightful.

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