Kids, Cats, and Bugs

So I think it is pretty safe to say that children (especially the small ones) + food = bugs. I know no one ever dares to admit they have bugs, but I will! Now let me just say, we have been in our new house for seven months and I have actually only seen the likes of two roaches…one of which had already met my cat so my contact with it was very limited. In the south it is hot. From when I was very young I was always told that roaches come into your house looking for water. Really? I mean if its water they are after, there is plenty of that in the street, right? If they are in my house, I’m guessing they are after A/C, television, and a snack; likely whatever my two-year old has left under the dinner table.

Anyhow, last night I was picking up the kitchen when I found myself staring down a roach. I spotted him by the dishwasher as I was loading the dirty dishes from our dinner of Moroccan chicken and couscous…yum….I digress. So I spot a roach and think, “bug spray.” Well, that would be fine if I had any or even knew where one could locate it in the new house. Think Melanie, think. I hated to squash it – I don’t want to get that close to it nor do I want to ruin my new Crocs. By the way, these Crocs were purchased specifically to be my “inside” shoes. If I had roach guts on them the point of them being clean, inside shoes would be relatively lost.

Ok, so…if you are wondering what the bug is doing he’s basically staring at me. Not sure if he was scared or what but he just sat there moving his long whiskers…whiskers! That’s it! FELIX!!! I have a cat! That’s right – cats love bugs! All I have to do is show the roach to the cat and he will take care of it. I’ve got this bug problem solved!

Have you ever tried to show something to an animal? Well, it’s just not that simple. First, they don’t understand English. I could have said, “Felix, look, a roach” ten thousand times (which I did) and he would, like the roach, just stare at me. He did just that. Looked at me while I pointed to the bug almost yelling, “Get it boy! Get it!” Nothing. Then I started pointing. Well, that’s a tough one because when you try to show something to an animal by pointing, they end up just looking at your finger. So there I was pointing at the bug and Felix was trying to get me to rub his face. This is not working. I even tried to hold his head almost shoving his face towards it so he would certainly see it,but that had the same result.  He just tried to back out of my arms. I ended up being scratched and the cat never saw a thing. Great. I thought I had this. How is it that I can spot a raisin buried in brown shag carpet from across the room yet this animal with night vision cannot spot the roach staring him in the face? Inexplicable!

I’m getting grossed out by the second and my cat is coming up totally short on his responsibilities! I ask very little of this animal, by the way. So the only thing I could think to do is actually take Felix’s paw and nudge the roach. How I got so close is unknown to all of us but I managed to take his paw and knock the bug which sent him running which FINALLY turned on my cat’s animal instincts. No rush, here Felix.

Like a caged animal he took off after the bug. Slapped it silly with his paws, even picked it up and threw it! He slid it several times across the concrete floors and happily chased after it. Yeah, your like a natural, I though, only I had to basically hand him to you! Don’t go acting like you hunted this thing and found him on your own. If you have a cat, you’ve seen this before, If not, let me just tell you. Cats have this thing about not wanting to look excited or to look like they care at all. Felix would sit with the roach under his paw and look around like he was just relaxing, oblivious to anything and everything and then, WHAM! He would give the bug about five inches and then slam him with his paw.

I’m watching all of this realizing the clean-up I know have in front of me. The roach has sailed across my kitchen floor into the dining room and god knows where else. By this point he was very dead but still, I saw it slide across the floor. When Felix’s job was done I was able to sweep the bug into the dustpan and throw it out into the street with all the water that he must have somehow missed on his way up my driveway. So, I gave Felix a treat for his hard work and then I swept and mopped more than I cared to that evening. While mopping I couldn’t help but think, wouldn’t this have been a lot easier if I would have just sacrificed the shoes and smashed it? I will have to make that decision for next time…and by the looks of the buffet under my kitchen table, there will be a next time.

Happy Mothering!


1 thought on “Kids, Cats, and Bugs”

  1. I have to tell you that I read this blog (although I feel like it is a mini story) to Devin this morning while he was drinking his coffee because he had a similar story with his dog and a raccoon. Devin and I was laughing so hard! Thanks, it really lifted his spirit.

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