Welcome Home! Yeah, About That…

There is one very important tip that most people won’t tell you about your children. Especially when they are very little, they may not be that excited to see you when you return from a trip.

So, I left on a Sunday and came home on Wednesday evening. It’s not as though I was gone for six weeks. Not even six days. Nonetheless, while I was away I was sure to call home often and we even Skyped at least once every day. Sometimes twice. I wanted to be certain that she heard my voice and saw my face each day. I didn’t want her to forget me.

Well, she certainly didn’t forget me. In fact, I think she had a hard time forgetting the fact that I left her. My eyes filled with tears when I saw the two of them waiting for me at the airport. I was so excited to be home. Was Pickle excited to see me? It was a lukewarm reception at best. Ok, I’m alright with that. At least she didn’t shun me…it will get better, I thought.

It didn’t get better and neither did I. My feelings were hurt and I took it personally. Very Personally. She didn’t want to sit by me on the sofa and she didn’t want me to take her to the potty. She (gasp!) didn’t want me to bathe her! Ok, I’m an adult, right? I understand that she is only two and doesn’t really have the ability to grasp her emotions of what she is feeling…sure. I may be older but I wasn’t about to act that way! Ok, fine. Two can play at that game. You don’t want me to bathe you? Fine. So I left the bathroom. You don’t want to snuggle on the couch? Fine. I will go unpack my bags. Getting the picture? I know, I know! It’s hard to tell which one is the two-year-old. It was the lowest of the low. Don’t I know better than that? I do but all I can say is it is hard to act like an adult when you are tired, stressed, and still feeling like you are flying. That, and the gifts you brought home were received with only mild applause. If I recall, the panda bear was actually thrown back at me. So can you blame me?

We all had a good night’s rest and we were happily (somewhat) back on track the next day. Welcome home!

Happy Mothering,


1 thought on “Welcome Home! Yeah, About That…”

  1. Hey Mel – I am “late to the party” so to speak and just getting around to seeing your blog. It looks great and is sooo funny. I can’t wait to read more!!

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