Did You Say, ‘Baby Weight?’

So, it’s been a while…I finally decided to dust off my keyboard and to my surprise I actually remembered my password! Oh the little things…needless to say it has been quite some time since I last blogged. Not exactly for lack of content, I’ve had plenty of that, I can only say it has been lack of motivation.

We recently took a trip to Disney – my first trip in over 20 years and Brian’s first in maybe 15 years. It was a first all around trip for Pickle. A trip to Disney provides one with loads of material but I just couldn’t get myself to write about it. What can I say, it’s really nothing more than you already know: a week in Disney, the first forty-eight hours spent bickering with your spouse, crying children, and sitting on a Disney bus for what feels like eternity next to a six-year-old eating their weight in boogers. But you already know this. Oh, and don’t forget the random individual with flame tattoos and gloves made out of fish net stockings.

The holiday season has already started, too but I still couldn’t find the urge to post. Again, I’m not convinced that anything that happens in my family during the holidays is really anything to write home about. You already know this: high expectations and low pay outs, too much to drink and too little sleep, people behaving badly. You already know this.

So as much as I wanted my first post out of my brief hiatus to be really stellar, I think we’re just going to have to file this one under, “shit people tell me.” Get ready.

Okay, I was told something rather interesting today by someone I see very regularly. So regularly that I would go so far as to say daily. So it was quite a surprise when this person came up to me and said, “You have lost so much weight!” Stop right there. Okay, if you know me, and have known me for even a week you know it’s pretty certain that my weight doesn’t change much. I have weighed the same for about ten years. Now recently, yes, my stress levels have been rather high which I’m sure has knocked off two, maybe three pounds. I hardly consider that ‘so much weight.’ For a minute I think to myself about how much I despise it when people give compliments and they are obviously lying. Or at least you know they are being less than genuine. Attempting to move on I just figure she certainly meant to comment that it looks like I’ve lost a few pounds and just got carried away. Sure.

Well, not necessarily. The next statement out of this person’s mouth was, “I’ve always thought you were so much bigger.” I twist my face in sheer bewilderment. She proceeds, “It must have just been your baby weight.” What the hell did you just say to me?? Okay people, time for a  moment of truth. In no way am I trying to brag because this is only  a reflection of my genetics and nothing else. When it comes to pregnancy, I won the genetic lottery. I literally lost 25 pounds after giving birth. And no, I did not birth a 15 pound baby! I swear, I left the hospital having lost the vast majority of the 40 pounds I gained during pregnancy. I was back in my jeans when Pickle was eight weeks old. Hate me, I know. I breastfed, what can I say! My point is that now I’m getting a bit offended since I know I lost the majority of my baby weight after the baby was born which just so happens to be ALMOST THREE YEARS AGO! As soon as it was said I looked down at Pickle thinking surely this person realizes how ridiculous these comments sound!

Curiously, I’m at a loss for words. What do you say in response to this? ‘Thank you?’ ‘You’re an idiot.’ What? I’m just not sure what to say at this moment. Thankfully this person was still not done so I didn’t have to think so fast on my feet. “You know, it could just be your sweater. It makes you look really thin.” Seriously? All of that mess and now you think it’s just my sweater? Whatever…

What I find the most delightful about life with a young child is how seamlessly we (must) weave in and out from a mess like that right into a conversation about why squirrels make pee-pee outside and not in a potty. Then, of course, we jam in the car to tunes by The Baja Men…all the pieces for a truly great afternoon…

Happy Mothering!


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