What a Difference a Year Makes…

Wow, that was fast! Where did this past year go? I’m still uncertain (and unsettled) as to why time is flying so quickly! I know it’s not because I’m 82. Everyone says it’s because we lead such busy lives and I suppose that is true. I also guess that raising a 2-on-the-verge-of-being-3-year-old who is now using words and phrases such as probably, chandelier, and half-way mark will make the time simply race. So I guess as they say, it’s a good time to take a minute to revel in what is a happy, yet quickly moving life.

So, I’m sure I included our experience with Santa Claus over the past two years. Year one Pickle wasn’t yet a year so of course she is crying in the picture with her arms out stretched to us saying, “Please don’t leave me with this scary man!” Awww. Year two was a real surprise. Again, she was not yet two and actually sat right on his lap, looked him in the face and said, “Pink bicycle.” I reveled in the fact that she made no hesitation about letting that man know her wishes.

This year was a bit different. Of course we talked it up and she was really excited about telling Santa what she wanted: a tunnel. We arrived at the store at 11:30 and Santa was not making an appearance until Noon. I (mistakenly) thought we would have plenty of time to have a bite to eat and then visit the big guy. That would have been fine if it weren’t for the line of 35 people already waiting ahead of us. For a very brief moment I thought about turning back. It was like a split second, people. She’s way too with it for me to pull off something like that. Are you kidding?

We grabbed a buggy and got in line. Brian and I took turns pushing Pickle around the store looking at the animals, boats, and shoes. (We were in Bass Pro if you’re wondering.) He thought it would be a good idea for us to oder some food while we were waiting in line so Pickle and I went to the restaurant and ordered some fries to go. On our way back from to the our place in line I could see that Santa had finally arrived! I brought Pickle over to the side, as not to cause a controversy with the many eager children in line, to show her that he was finally there. She smiled the biggest smile and started pumping her fists, “Who-hoo! He’s here!” She even made a fake whistle sound to get the attention of her father, “Daddy, he’s here! He’s here!” as she ran back to find her spot in line.

This is going to be the cutest thing ever! I can’t wait to see her climb into his lap and tell him she wants a tunnel…Well, we were about 6 people from meeting the big guy and Brian decided to take her for a walk. I’m not certain why. She wasn’t restless and seemed perfectly content waiting. I’m never one to get out of line. Waiting in line is part of life, right? Even if you are a kid, get used to it. We don’t get out of line.

Did I happen to tell you what happened the last time we got out of line? Again, more reason why you should never get out of line. Picture it, Disney in October, our first day in Magic Kingdom. After a bit of bickering and trying to figure out what to do first and how to ensure this is the most memorable, meaningful, not to mention, enjoyable vacations we have ever had, we landed in line to see Daisy Duck. The line was totally manageable….maybe 10 people. By most standards, that’s nothing and by Disney’s standards that’s unheard of. After standing in line for about 30 seconds Brian suggests he take Pickle to walk around while I stay in line. “I don’t think that’s a good idea, just wait here.” He reasons that she must be bored and he will be right back when I get to the front of the line. Guess what, we are in Disney. In Disney, you wait in line. Everyone in this party has got to get used to that. I still insisted it’s a bad idea but off they went. I just lost sight of them when suddenly the band starts playing. Bom-bom-bom-bom! Then I see the stilt walkers! The balloons! Seriously? It’s a freaking Disney parade! My daughter is seeing her first Disney parade without me! Yes, the two of them are across the street – I couldn’t get to them if I tried – enjoying a parade while I’m left holding our crap. And our spot in line. Thankfully we can all laugh about it today.

So back to Santa. I really didn’t think Pickle was getting restless, however I do think her daddy was. Nonetheless they go off for a walk. “Next family!” We are getting closer. The closer you get to the front of the line the quicker it goes, too. I’m getting nervous because I can’t spot them. This was a bad idea – this is exactly why you never get out of line! Where are they? “Next family!” We are one family away from seeing Santa and I can’t find my own family! I spot them and they walk over with Brian shaking his head. He mouths to me that she doesn’t want to go. Of course my reaction is to demand, “What happened? What did you do?” Then I hear, “Next family!” and that is us! We are headed down the red carpet and she begins to walk backwards, trying to get between my legs. I scoop her up. “Look Pickle, it’s Santa! Don’t you want to tell him what you want for Christmas?”

Have you ever held a child when they literally feel weightless? She was on my hip, yes, but I could have let her go completely – my arms straight out – and she wouldn’t have  so much as slid an inch off my body. She was clinging so tightly to me that the child absolutely weighed nothing. Tears were streaming down her face and she just kept saying, “No!” I couldn’t help but laugh. This isn’t traumatic stuff, people, right? We all have screaming pictures with Santa. Brian didn’t see the humor and I guess it was best that we just move on because even Santa said to me, “Don’t force it, Mom. It’s okay.”

We did get a holiday picture, after all. Our 2010 Santa picture consists of Santa, Pickle crying and me laughing. When we got in the car Pickle told us that she didn’t like Santa. “He scared me. I didn’t like his suit.” We’ll see what next year brings….

Happy Mothering in 2011!


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