That’s What She Said…

So if anyone has some good reading material on how to raise highly verbal, intelligent little girls please pass along to me ASAP. It seems as though I have just that, an intelligent little girl with extremely well-developed verbal skills. Not to mention well-developed manipulation skills as well.

Here are few of the comments I’ve been fielding lately…

  • While explaining something to Brian in the car I must have become a bit animated which was interpreted (I guess) as me getting upset. From the back seat I hear, “Mom, you need to settle down. Just settle down. Okay?” Picture her also holding up her hands, palms down making the “calm down” sweeping motion.
  • On our way to a birthday party recently Pickle wanted to be sure we kept pace with Brian’s parents so she asked her daddy to go faster. “Go faster, Daddy! Go faster! We have to catch MawMaw!” Well, as much fun as it may be to pretend to drive fast on a gravel road when you are pregnant, hungry, and a bit nauseated, well, it’s really not such a good idea. I put a quick stop to the revving of the engine only to be told, “Mommy, if you can’t listen then you need to just go back to MawMaw’s house.”
  • We were on a simple mission: buy milk. It was after work and I was tired and hungry and wanted to get in and get out. I set the scene: “Pickle, we are going in for one thing and then leaving. Mommy is getting milk and then we are checking out. Okay?” She of course replied, “Okay Mommy.” Well that’s not actually how things turned out…we had to knock down a few limes, pick up and drop a pineapple, pretend to be a snail and walk zero miles an hour, and then proceed to “shop” for something she just had to have on the junk aisle of the check out. I must have said ‘Put that down’ fifteen times. Now there is one caveat to this….Pickle never does this. She is such a great shopper I take her to the grocery all the time. She is usually so well-behaved and I am usually patient but as I said being pregnant sometime equals being a bit tired, cranky, hungry, and all around unpleasant. It was one of those days, what can I say? The trip ended with me basically dragging Pickle out of the store. Lovely. I’ve become ‘that parent.’ Of course Pickle began to cry, well, she tried to make herself cry. She tried so hard to produce even one single tear! We were about half way home and she said, “Mommy, I love you. I love you so much, Mommy. I am so sorry that I was mean to you. Can you stop the car so I can give you a hug?”

So as you can see we clearly have our hands full! I just hope each day that I’m doing the right thing…although I’m certain that if I’m not, Pickle will certainly be able to tell me.

Happy Mothering!


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