My Brain Has Left the Building…

All I can imagine is that my brains were thrown out with the afterbirth. That is the only logical explanation for my complete inability to remember words, construct complete thoughts, and remember sometimes that there are, in fact two dependents in the house. Now don’t get me wrong, I am still very efficient. Like for instance, today I managed to change all of the beds, wash everyone’s clothes, run two cycles of dishes, feed and bathe both children, and even remember to feed the cat. I even spent quality time with both children including putting on a puppet show, snuggling, engaging in a pillow fight, and painting. This was all done by myself as my dear husband was out of town. So, I am encouraged by the fact that when I put my mind to it I am able to function well and everyone is happy…and alive.

However, my experience the other day seems to sum up the reality of my life at the present moment.

I walk into the den and notice the coffee table is a bit dirty. That table is filthy. I should clean it. I head to the laundry room to get the 409. I spray down the table then head back to put the spray away and get paper towels. While in the laundry room I notice towels in the dryer. Oh these are dry. Let me take them out. I bring the dry towels to my bedroom and dump them on the bed, fold them and put them away. I make my way back to the den and notice my phone is blinking. I forgot to send that email. Let me do that now. Oh, I also forgot to submit feedback to Amazon for all of those purchases. Yes, of course it arrived on time…met my expectations…blah, blah, blah. I’m getting hungry. I head to the kitchen and open the fridge. Yeah me! I forgot I made gumbo yesterday…yum! I will make myself  a bowl. What is that back there? That’s right, I made Roman Holiday like four days ago. That has got to go out! Gross. I throw out the Roman Holiday and begin to put the dish in the dishwasher. Crap. Everything in here is clean. I might as well unload it now. I unload and then load the dishwasher. The trash. Shit. Trash pick-up is tomorrow. I might as well gather it all now. I grab a few baggies and head through the house emptying all of the garbage cans. It all comes back to the kitchen where I gather it all  and bring it out to the can ready for Brian to take it to the curb. God I’m hungry. I head back to the kitchen and make my bowl of gumbo and heat it up.  Pour a glass of orange juice. I grab my delicious lunch and head to the den to sit down, relax and enjoy. I walk into the den, hands full and, you guessed it. What the hell happened to my table? Why in the world is it all wet???

Happy Mothering!


1 thought on “My Brain Has Left the Building…”

  1. I do the exact same thing! I call it cleaning ADD. I can never complete one task before wandering off to start another. And unfortunately it has only become worse because now I have chemo brain!

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