Yes, Melanie There is a Santa Claus…

My mother will not budge in the issue of Santa Claus. To this day, she firmly states that “the magic of Christmas is always alive for all those who believe.” Okay, so she sounds like something out of the pages of The Polar Express, but in so many ways she is right.

I remember vividly the Christmas when I found out. Complete devastation would be putting it mildly. I was sad for the loss of a childhood fantasy. I was sad for a future without that childhood excitement and fun. My mother was there for me with the continued reminder that no one can take away the magic of the season. Christmas can still be just as wonderful as long as I hold the spirit in my heart.

She was right. It was hard at first but as long as I maintained the magic I soon found that flicker of excitement and joy for the anticipation of the holiday. As a fully actualized adult, I proudly admit that I still believe in Santa Claus! Why shouldn’t I believe? I mean, truly, what other explanation do we have for all of those toys showing up under the tree on Christmas morning? Not just any presents, either! It is exactly what you wanted! I just can’t think of any other justification for such magic. And that elf? Do even get me started there! Showing up in the pantry having a snack of mini marshmallows? You can’t make this stuff up.

So now as a mother myself, I am seeing Christmas through the eyes of a three-year old. I never thought my excitement and joy for the season could get any better but it has. Pickle has had Santa call her on the phone and even send her a video message with her picture on his computer screen! To say I teared up when I saw her face answering a call from the big man would be an understatement. I literally CANNOT wait for Christmas!! Of course I don’t want a thing. I only want to see and feel the excitement, joy, and love on that morning. I want to share in the magic that can only come from the belief in Santa Claus.

Within this joy there is a brief moment of sadness that tugs at me because I know this time is fleeting. It is only for a very short time that we can capture this excitement. Letters to Santa and personalized cards for our elf named Cookie will make way for doubt and questions. As with anything in life there is change. I know that things will change all too soon. I am ready, though. I am ready to block doubt and reassure fears by holding on to the words of my mother. I’m ready to remind my children that as long as you hold on to the spirit in your heart the magic will always follow. I’m also ready to sign each package, just as my mother does, “Mr. and Mrs. Santa.”

Happy Mothering and Merry, Merry Christmas!


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