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This Is My Life…

One afternoon recently Brian was with me while I watched a recorded episode of a housewife reality show. He asked me if the show made me feel bad since we don’t live such a wealthy life. The truth is, I’m not envious of these women at all. Sure, having a housekeeper would be a total score but I’ve lived this long without one, I think I will make it just fine. In some ways, watching this televised train wreck  makes me feel slightly good about myself. I am positively certain that if I did have that kind of wealth I would not dress that way, act that way, or wear my hair that way. I do believe I would leave my lips the way God made them. Anyway, this one episode featured one of the women getting engaged. It was completely built up and you knew for all ratings sake that the guy was going to pop the question but I was still excited for her. Not sure why since this would make her third marriage and she already has four children, but I was committed to the excitement of this life-changing event! (Or maybe I just fell for good editing.)

Later that evening we were on the way to dinner, kids in the back when I looked at Brian and asked, “So this is it, huh?” I admire him for his uncanny ability to read my mind because he knew exactly what I was talking about. “I mean, those exciting things are kind of, over.” He knew exactly what I meant. We are married, committed for the long haul so there won’t be any surprise engagements in our future anytime soon. The days of waking up at 4am to take a pregnancy test, shaking with excitement, well, they are over, too. We won’t have another day when we hear our child’s heartbeat for the first time or the joy and excitement of hearing “That’s a boy alright!” from an ultrasound tech whom we barely know. We have shifted from sex on the beach to sex in the bedroom closet. Literally. Dinner for two usually includes me at the table with my Sweet Pickle while Brian walks the Little Prince (who happens to have really big opinions) anywhere in the restaurant outside of a ten-foot radius of our table. This is our life.

The truth is, this is the time where we simply keep the train moving forward. Milestones still occur, sure but for the vast majority of time life is rather calm, or as others would put it, routine. Some mornings when my mother calls to check in I feel bad that she spent the dime considering there is literally nothing to report. It’s during these days of lackluster life, I feel the whisper of thanks and enjoy the time we are spending as a family as I know this time is short-lived.

In the midst of the mundane, however there are glimmers of excitement and wonder. These small pearls of life pop up in the form of my baby boy’s belly laugh or my daughter’s declaration of her love for me. First steps, first words, first day of preschool… We find happiness and peace in these quiet moments of life and do our best to pay attention. In the hustle and bustle of life it’s so easy to miss the wonderful glimmers of delight and joy found only in the most mundane of lives. Our life.

Happy Mothering,


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