More. Of Course.

Take a look at this picture:



I would bet that any mother knows exactly what he is saying. “More.” Not only is he saying the word ‘more’ he is also signing the word. A toddler’s best bet at explicit communication. If you don’t hear what I am saying, you can see what I am saying. Of course. William does the speak-sign combination only rarely when he really, really, really needs or wants more of whatever it is he wants or needs. Often times this speak-sign combo follows me around the house if I haven’t met the need at that exact moment of request. Emphasis at its finest.

Lately we have been partying with the idea of potty training. Let’s be honest, we are nowhere close except that he often asks to do ‘big boy’ in which he sits on the toilet and wipes himself. I have told Brian over and over that he is watching the wrong parent. Nonetheless, it’s an introduction to the process and he does actually like to sit like a big boy and pretend to potty. Of course, I have to ration the toilet paper or else he will literally wipe himself through every last roll of Northern available in our house or neighborhood for that matter.

I know he knows when he has to go. I can look at my children and tell that they have to go to the bathroom. Mothers just know. What can I say? While preparing for a bath I watch him stand next to the tub and I know he has to go. I know he has to go. When urged to do ‘big boy’ he emphatically tells me “No!” and then proceeds to pee in the tub. Of course.

One day while assisting with his I’m-pretending-to-potty-wiping-session I causally mentioned to Brian that I should pour warm water over his bird. Look, I’m sitting on the cold tile floor rationing toilet paper squares – anything to make the kid pee! Within a minute Brian handed me a cup. “Here you go. Warm water. Knock yourself out.”

I poured. He smiled. I poured a little more. He smiled more. He laughed. I finished the cup and he was now giggling. Not peeing, just giggling.  I handed Brian the cup and pulled William off the toilet when he began exclaiming, “More! More! More!” chasing me out of the bathroom. Picture it – naked from the waist down running after me yelling AND signing. Emphasis.

Brian said, “Oh, great, I think we just created a monster.” I paused to myself and quietly thought, Created? I think you mean unleashed…

Happy Mothering!



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