Call Me Maybe?

This is currently my favorite commercial on the air. I see myself, each time, as this exact mother. Well, I don’t see myself living in Boca Raton sitting on bad Golden Girls’ wicker, but I will be a mom that calls. My kids and I laugh together each time we see it but they don’t have an honest clue why I’m laughing…

I will call you. I will call you when it’s not a good time to talk. I will disrupt something very important and you may be aggravated, but I will call you anyway. When you are 27 and feeling all adulty, I will call you to check in. You both will always be my Valentine and I will forever get you something on that day. Even when you think and say it’s unnecessary, I will call you. When you tell me you are too busy, I will remind you that I carried you for 40 long weeks, half of which I peed my own pants daily. I will call you, so you better come get your gift. I will call you.

I will show you that love is a verb.

I will call you to ask the questions you may not want to be asked. I will tell you things you may not want to hear. I may say something that upsets you resulting in unanswered phone calls. No matter, I will still call you to remind you how much I love you. I peed my pants for you, so pick up.

If I do my job well, I will burrow into your subconsciousness and be that flicker of light that whispers ‘This may not be a good idea’ when you are considering leaving your job and moving to Toledo to be with that pig farmer you met on Instagram. If I’ve really done my job well, you will listen to it. When you casually tell me that you plan to drop out of school because life calls for more ‘street smarts than book smarts’ I will bird dog your every waking move until you finally come to your senses and realize you don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

I will call you.

I will call to see how your day was. I will call to see how the interview went. I will call on the first day. I will call you after the disappointment. Each day, for as long as you need me to.  I will call you every day through all 40 weeks. I will call to check on the sleepless nights. Every day, for as long as you need me to. I will call to remind you how smart you are and how hard you have worked. I will remind you that life is not always fair but it is still overwhelmingly good. I will call just to say how much I love you.

I will call you.

Then of course, one day, a long way down the road I will call just to tell you about Pierre the French Bulldog and how he and your dad fight for the best spot on the sofa. I hope you remember with fondness the time, and time, and time that I called you.

Now, about that commercial. I think lovingly about both of my children when I see it, but of course William relates to it a bit more because it it’s a mother and son duo. He delights to tell me how when he gets bigger he, too will be able to fight off bad guys and jump out of a helicopter. He’s only 4 so the humor in the commercial is a bit light on him…as he declares so proudly, “Mommy, when I get bigger I’ll be in a zumma class, too!”

Be. Still. My. Heart.

Happy Mothering!




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