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Dear Kids, I Hope You Never Thank Me for This.

You probably already know this but, parenting is not an easy gig. Well, let me clarify, it’s not easy as long as you are doing it right. My son and I were sitting on the sofa recently watching television when a commercial for a toy came on. He said, “Being a parent must be really hard, huh Mommy? I mean, kids always ask for things over and over and over and you’ve got to say, ‘no’.”

At almost 8 years old, he’s 100% correct.

This summer Brain and I had a decision to make about whether or not to give Audrey what she wanted. It was a tough decision but I think we definitely did the right thing.

It was also my first publication for Grown & Flown! You can read the full article here.


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My Sex Life Has Been Rescheduled

I  will surprise no one by saying my sex life with my husband has diminished since the birth of our daughter. Even two years later, still, sex is the last thing on our long list. We are both working parents and we are officially tired! Don’t get me wrong, we have/had a great sex life! There is much to miss when it is gone but to muster up the energy to even so much as take off my clothes can be too much to bear! If I’m going to completely disrobe, it’s going to be to enter a hot, steaming bath. Sad but true. Anyway, about three weeks ago I went to my husband with an idea. We had to fully to commit to protecting at least one day a week for sex. In sickness, health, exhaustion, whatever, on that day were are going to have sex and be happy about it! He agreed and we decided on either Saturday or Sunday. My vote was for Tuesday but he didn’t want a week day so we are making it work with the 48 hours of each weekend. All I can say is that I am a blessed wife! On our second week I was ready to give up! Saturday came and went and it was Sunday evening – do it or else! I was so tired I was ready to throw in the towel. Thankfully my husband urged and urged me. (That was really nice, actually) “Come on, Mel. We made a commitment. Now take off your clothes.” I did. I’ve heard that increasing the number of times you have sex by even one day a week will give you the same feeling as getting a huge raise. We shall see….we’re not hoping for the lottery just a little fun money. I’ll keep you posted!

Happy Mothering!