So What’s New? Actually, Not Much…

So, it’s been a while since I’ve last blogged and for the life of me I can’t come up with much to discuss. Life is, well, pretty uneventful lately. There have been no exciting appointments, no life skills mastered, and no major issues with bugs in the house. Well, we did discover that we have a snake. A long black snake that is very fast. We found out that it is likely a Black Racer, given the name because it is super fast. I also found out that it hunts during the day. Really? A snake that hunts in the daylight? Wonderful. That would explain why Pickle and I practically stepped on it while out getting the mail one afternoon. Other than that, not much. My niece did catch a firefly! I’m grasping, I know.

Pickle has been great. Like I said, no new milestones. The big stuff seems to be behind us for the most part. Lately she has been doing a lot of kissing. Especially when we are trying to go to sleep all she wants to do is give smoochies. Adorable, I know. Is it just me? Of course not, we all love that. She’s using the word, ‘probably’ a lot and is fascinated with the idea that hot water and cold water together make warm water. Are you sufficiently bored yet? I’m yawing as I type…

Felix is fine. This is our longest stretch of him peeing where he is supposed to. Thank god for that. He has however become a bit of a snob about his pill pocket. I use pill pockets to give him his antidepressant each morning. I think he’s had the same treat flavor so much that he won’t take it anymore. Really? Because I will make sure he gets it, scruffing and all. Pickle asked me to “Please put down my cat, Mommy!” (finger shaking and all) when I have him by the scruff trying to drop in the pill. He has to take it, bottom line. So he can either be picky and get scruffed or he can take your pill the way he’s supposed to. I hate picky animals.

I guess this is the beauty of life. Filled with hilarity and laughter one day then into the mundane life of tranquility the next. We glide seamlessly from one smoochie to the next then onto puzzles and books that bid the moon good night. The little things that bring us all happiness like clean Minnie Jammies, cinnamon cake, and crashing into a brand new (extraordinarily comfortable) mattress at eight o’clock on a Tuesday night. Sleeping until seven am, hot baths, and Pickle telling me “I love you Mommy” as I head out the door. Life is good…

Actually, I’m just remembering something… Pickle did a surprise attack on her daddy last night as he was stepping out of the shower. She stopped in her tracks, pointed at him and asked, “Daddy, what’s that?” Sooooo, it just may prove to be an exciting week after all. Besides, it’s only Wednesday.

Happy Mothering,


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