Hello, I’m Flurence Mullen, a passionate Trampoline Coach whose journey is interwoven with the vibrant fabric of trampoline enthusiasm. Holding a Ph.D. in Physical Education and Kinesiology, my academic background lays the foundation for my trampoline expertise, but it’s my role as a mother of three wonderful kids that truly fuels my dedication to this exhilarating activity.

As a Trampoline Coach, my approach goes beyond the realms of coaching methodologies and sports science. It’s about creating a space where individuals of all ages can discover the joy and thrill of bouncing.

My professional journey has been shaped by coaching diverse groups, always with an unwavering commitment to safety, a commitment that echoes the same care I provide for my own children.

Florence Mullen

Beyond the bounce and spring, my interests extend to the community aspect of trampolining. It’s about fostering connections and shared moments of recreation. As a mother, I understand the importance of balance and safety, principles that guide both my parenting and coaching philosophy.

In crafting this narrative, my aim is to invite you to join me on a journey where each jump is not just a physical activity but a shared experience of joy, growth, and connection.

So, let’s embark on this bouncing adventure together – where expertise meets enthusiasm, and where trampoline coaching becomes a vibrant celebration of life’s ups and downs, always with a soft landing.