That’s One Pricey Pacifier…

I really do have a dream baby. Of course he’s my last and my baby boy, so he really can’t do much wrong. At almost five months old he takes four bottles a day, takes two long naps, and is sleeping for the night usually around six each evening. All of that AND he coos and smiles and loves to snuggle. As I said, he really is a dream baby…

However, we have had a few bumps in the road. Nothing really serious in the grand scheme of things but when it is your baby anything is serious. After he had tubes put in his ears we thought we’d be on cruise control but that was not the case. Tears, and more tears. Then some screaming. More screaming. Denying bottles and more screaming. Oh God, the screaming! He screamed enough one evening to end up in the after-hours clinic. It was one of those situations where either I got some help or he ended up out the window! The diagnosis was terrible gas. Okay, I can deal with gas. That’s why God made Mylecon. After several days of Mylecon is EVERY single bottle the baby took, we still had screaming. More screaming.

I made an appointment with his pediatrician right away and in the meantime did all we could to keep him happy…and not screaming. As mothers, we will do just about anything to keep our babies happy and healthy. So at a good friend’s suggestion, I switched bottles. She swore by the Dr. Brown’s bottles and urged me to give them a try. I’ll try anything, right? The night before his appointment I tore out of the house to buy six new bottles. While there I threw in a pack of Dr. Brown’s pacifiers. I also bought a bath sponge knowing we were about to outgrow the baby tub. I figured my chances of getting back to this place without children in tow might be a while so get what I need while I can!

Nothing really surprising about my purchases except for the pack of pacifiers. My sweet little Prince has never been a pacifier baby. From early on he just never seemed to like them. I asked his doctor and she assured me that not all babies take them and that is totally fine. So why did I buy these things? I’m still not sure…

The next day we show up at her office with our appointment sheet labeled “fussy baby.” That was an accurate description of our current state. Fussy. Very, very fussy. We talked and I explained the account of our life for the past week and she made the determination that he was having some sort of protein reaction which was making him very uncomfortable overall. It was time to make a systemic change. She made the suggestion that all mothers are aware of but secretly hope never to have to take – Nutramigen. It’s called “liquid gold” for a very good reason. It costs twice as much for about half as much of the actual product. Again, as mothers we will do anything. It also smells bad and tastes about as bad as it smells.

With all of that said, it also works. I think. See here lies the problem. I should know better. My professional work and education should have kept me from making such a huge mistake. Never change more than one variable at a time! Remember those pacifiers? Well, I gave one to him and HE LOVED IT! It was like he found heaven in a piece of plastic! It just so happens that I introduced the pacifier at the same time I changed the formula. And offered it in a new bottle. So it’s no surprise that as I rested in bed one evening listening to the peaceful sounds of my baby boy sleeping in blissful comfort that I had a gut flipping realization. Screaming Jesus! Why is he so content? Is it the $40 a can formula or is it the $4 pacifier!?!

Truly, I don’t care! It may be the formula and it may be the pacifier. It may be the bottle. It may be all of it. The bottom line is that this combination is working and I have one fat and happy little bundle of joy on my hands so I’m not changing a single thing!

As I said, we’re mothers and we’ll do just about anything…

Happy Mothering,


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