It’s the Uniform…

We had our first day of school! It’s hard to believe that the time has come…my little girl is now in “big school!” Despite a significant shift in routine we are all doing really, really well. I’m sure you are just dying to know how her first day went. It went really well but I must give a bit of back story…

Recently Audrey has been talking a lot about getting married. Not just getting married in general, specifically she wants to marry me or another female that is very similar to me. It’s all such a tremendously sweet conversation. She tells me that she loves me so much (i.e., she loves me more than gold coins and bigger than the universe) that she wants to marry me. Ideally, she would like for us to live somewhere in Perkins Rowe and Brian and William can be our neighbors. It’s truly sweet. She also would like to marry her friends. Oh, if she could marry this one because she has such pretty hair or that one because they would have fun raising babies together. When she talks about her future plans we simply encourage and emphasize that what’s important is that she is happy. And of course depending on what state she lives in, marrying her girlfriend may be a bit of a legal challenge. Nonetheless, it has been a series of sweet, 4-year-old talks about love which have, well, changed.

Brian and I picked her up on her first day and she was all smiles! Her teacher reported that she had a great day. “Lots of personality, very confident” was her teacher’s report. Brian and I beamed. I couldn’t wait to hear all about her day of adventure! I simply asked her if she had met any new friends and the floodgates opened…she had met someone new…a new boy.

“I met a new boy and he is going to be my boyfriend. I told him he was handsome and he told me I was pretty.” She beamed. I asked her what her new friend’s name was but alas, she could not tell me. In all of their wedding planning they had forgotten to go over the basics of first names. “We decided that we are going to get married!” she squealed. “He told me that if we get married it has to be at night because that’s when people get married, weddings are at night.” I didn’t want to focus too much on her future husband so I asked about lunch. She told me she loved lunch and that she thought about her nameless beau during nap time. “Mommy, when can my new boyfriend come over for a play date?” I remind her again the importance of getting first names…

I look over at Brian and he is shaking his head and smiling, but he’s not necessarily happy. “You know I blame this on Catholic school. Something happens when you girls put on that uniform. It’s like you all suddenly become boy crazy.” I started laughing hysterically realizing that most likely he was right! What is it with that damn uniform? God knows it happened to me as soon as I put on my black and while jumper with matching Saddle Oxfords.

Picture it: Kindergarten, we were five. We were at the back of the school yard and Jason wanted to kiss me. There were other kids around who promised they would cover their eyes. Apparently that uniform makes you not only boy crazy but also stupid because I believed them! I don’t remember if it was big recess or little recess but I let Jason kiss me in the school yard in front of other kids. (Must make you a bit of a exhibitionist, too I guess.) Either way I was thrilled about the kiss but then I felt horribly guilty once I realized everyone saw it happen. Not one of those fools kept their promise that they would cover their eyes. There I go putting on that damn uniform and suddenly I want to run around kissing Jason but I couldn’t handle it…the guilt was too much!

Thankfully, I don’t think Audrey will face the same challenge as her mother because her report on Tuesday was a totally different story. Apparently it was too soon in the school year to make such a huge commitment. After all, it was only the first day. They have decided to not get married after all and just be friends.


She asked me if it was okay that she changed her mind. I assured her that she can change her mind at any time. There are no real commitments in Pre K. The only commitment she has to make right now is to do what makes her happy. Explore and have fun. Make lots of friends, boys and girls. Follow her heart.

There is one thing I know for sure. School uniforms may have the tendency to make us a bit boy crazy and that’s completely fine. With that skirt comes responsibility, too. A responsibility to make the best decisions for yourself and do what is best for you. I have not doubt that this little girl will make her Catholic-school-uniform-wearing-momma very, very proud.

Happy Mothering!


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